Dirty Dick's "No Name" Chipotle Hot Sauce 147ml

A brand new sauce from Dirty Dick's that brings the bold flavour you expect, but with big hit of smoke from the chipotle! The earthy flavour of chipotle is bolstered by a hint of cocoa and coffee and combined with fruity pineapple and aromatics like onion, garlic and ginger for a symphony of contrasting flavors. A brilliant hot sauce that will go with any food from Mexican to burgers, grilled meats and everything in between. This will also be a great steak sauce or marinade for grilled veggies.

Size: 147ml

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Dirty Dicks

Dirty Dicks hot sauce is perfect for those who enjoy bold, sweet, and spicy flavours. Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce combines habanero chilies with tropical fruits.

Brand: Dirty Dick's
Country of Origin: USA