Original Korean BBQ Marinade 426g

Good Korean BBQ starts with a delicious marinade. We Rub You's Original Korean BBQ Sauce is made from their family recipe and combines the umami of Non-GMO & gluten-free soy sauce, the sweetness of apple, the nuttiness of sesame and the warmth and tang of garlic & ginger. Now you can make the ever popular bulgogi that kids and grown-ups go crazy over. Wrap bulgogi in a lettuce leaf (ssam), feed each other, and go ahead - eat with your hands! Use as cooking sauce, BBQ sauce or marinade. Made in the USA in small batches with all-natural, vegan ingredients.

Size: 426g

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We Rub You

We Rub You is a Korean sauce brand that bottles up family recipes made with the finest ingredients and donates to and educates survivors of human trafficking.

Brand: We Rub You
Country of Origin: USA